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Come behind the scenes at Brides of Sydney, in the all new, 6-part series Say Yes To The Dress: Australia. Join our magnificent staff Leesa, Rosalie, Sevasti, Sue, Sharon and Veronica along with expert bridal designer Adam Dixon as they help brides their perfect wedding gowns.

Episode Five – Wednesday 23rd November 2016


Our bride Wendi had never worn a wedding dress, or set foot in a bridal store, even though this was her second time. Leesa loves helping second time brides, “Finding their dream gown is very special,” she said.

Wendi was joined by her best friend and four children. She knew what she didn’t want, it was a definite no to ball gowns and tulle. Wendi preferred a straight and elegant silhouette with a hint of sexy. She did not want to be mutton dressed as lamb! It’s was important to get right dress which made her feel comfortable, beautiful and glamorous.

Wendi never thought she would marry again. Before she met fiancé Colin, she was a single mother, and self confessed man-hating career woman. Colin turned her around, and she could not believe that she was standing in a bridal store! After four children, Wendi felt that her body wasn’t it was before kids, and was worried about the gowns would look on her.

Wendi tried on the Allure Bridals 8800 – This 2 piece bridal gown features a charmeuse slip and lace appliqué overlay adorned with embroidery and crystals. It was very flattering.

8800 Allure Bridals 8800 Allure Bridals

Leesa described Wendi as “Very hot!” in the gown, her waist and hips looked gorgeous, the gown eventuated her hourglass figure. The kids loved giving their opinions and enjoyed seeing their mum playing dress up. Adam suggested a strapless gown for something different, Wendi wasn’t convinced but agreed to give it a try.

They tried on Allure Romance 2709 – This gown is a dramatic composition of lace and a striking trumpet silhouette with slight pleating at the skirt. It suited her figure perfectly and Wendi instantly felt more comfortable. However, the colour was too traditional for her. Wendi’s son Harry, suggested a sweetheart neckline might be a better option.

2709 Allure Romance Bridal Gown 2709 Allure Romance Bridal Gown

Wendi voiced her concerns about looking too much like a bride. Adam and Leesa pointed out that she was a bride, she was Colin’s bride, and have every right to be a bride! “For once Wendi, it can all be about you!” Said Adam. He suggested an A line gown by Eddy K, which he thought would be ideal for Wendi.

Eddy K EK1018 – WOW! Is all you can say when you see yourself in an Eddy K bridal gown. Designed in Milan, the fashion capital of the world, and manufactured with the highest quality fabrics, Eddy K has the perfect wedding gown for every bride. From sophisticated couture gowns to elegant destination dresses, Eddy K’s attention to detail flatters all figures and offers styles for any taste.


Wendi smiled when she looked in the mirror. It was just perfect for her, pure elegance, sex appeal and sophistication. “She has absolutely no idea how good her body is,” remarked Leesa.

It looked phenomenal and the sweetheart neckline was perfection. Harry had got it right! The kids agreed that Colin’s jaw would drop when he sees her. She said absolutely YES TO THE DRESS. Everything else fell into place once Wendi found her gown.


“Brides come in all shapes and sizes, and ages. Whether it’s a first time bride or second time around the post, marriage isn’t exclusively for the young.” – Adam.

Photographer Tess, was joined by her 2 daughters and friend at Brides of Sydney. Tess wanted to look stylish elegant with a bit of sparkle on her wedding day. She had a budget of $2000 and Rosalie was excited to start shopping! The couple of times she had ventured into a bridal store, the sales staff had incorrectly assumed that she was the mother of the bride. Tess was nervous, but was glad to have her daughters with her for support.

Tess tried on a sparkly Eddy K gown first. The girls liked the top, but thought the bottom was a bit full, and didn’t show off her gorgeous figure. They decided to take more of a risk and try something with a bit of sass!

“Wait til you see this!” Said Adam as Tess came out of the change room. Tess was in the Allure Bridals 9254. With the embroidered sheath and finished with a wealth of organza ruffles at the hem, this gown was a showstopper!

9254 Allure Bridals Bridal Gown 9254 Allure Bridals Bridal Gown

“Oh wow!” Said the girls. They loved the champagne and ivory colour, the lace, the sparkle and bust line. It was elegant with old Hollywood glamour. Tess however, felt the colour was too classic; she just wasn’t feeling it and wanted something with a bit more excitement.

They tried on the Allure Bridals 9317. Softly tucked tulle adds dimensional ruffle to the hemline of this pleated sheath gown. From the moment Tess came out of the changeroom, everyone knew this was the one. The colour was perfect, and the girls were speechless. She looked like a million dollars!

9317 Allure Bridals Bridal Gown 9317 Allure Bridals Bridal Gown

Tess had always does so much for everyone else, so deserved to look like a queen on her wedding day. Looking beautiful as an older woman is about embracing who you are, what you look and feel like. We are so glad that Wendi said YES to her perfect dress.


Shannon came in with her sister to meet with Veronica our dressmaker. She hadn’t tried her gown on for three months, and was hoping that it still fitted the same way it the last time.

Shannon had chosen the Allure Romance 2667. This gorgeous fit and flare shaped bridal gown has a fitted bodice with a sweetheart neckline embellished with Swarovski crystals. The entire design is adorned with delicate lace appliqué on English net.

2667 Allure Romance Bridal Gown 2667 Allure Romance Bridal Gown

The good news was that Shannon loved her dress just as much as the day she had chosen it, if not more! Veronica was concerned about the bust line and length, but assured Shannon that she would be able to alter it to perfection. And she absolutely did. Shannon said she felt really beautiful, like a princess. Her husband said it was the best thing he’d seen in his life!

Congratulations Shannon and Anthony, we hope your wedding day was everything you imagined it would be.

You can try these gowns and more at Brides of Sydney, simply request an appointment here, you never know, you may say YES to your dress also!

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